Ben Lovett’s Black Curtain

Last May I was in part of a music video for Asheville/L.A./Atlanta musician Ben Lovett. I’ve known him for a couple years, and he caught me playing my mobile piano rig in town a couple times and asked me if I would play piano in his music video. Playing music in a video is sort of like playing charades for the blind – there’s not a single microphone at the entire shoot. You sit and listen to the same song, at different speeds, for about 10 hours in a row and you’re covered in makeup applied like peanut butter. It’s miserable and it’s not even musical. What counts though is the results and the people you get to work with. And Ben Lovett consistently produces stuff with more polish than almost anybody in Asheville. He’s a great guy to work with and a great guy to work for.

I’m very happy with how it turned out. I have a very small part in it. Look for me at the piano, duh. Here’s the video.

The still photography on set was done by DornBrothers Photography. You should like them.

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