The Roaring Lions EP

A little over a year ago, my friend Henry and I were invited by Je Widenhouse to sit in on his weekly gig at 5 Walnut Wine Bar here in downtown Asheville. Je and Henry are current members of the Squirrel Nut Zippers and┬áJe and I are current members of Firecracker Jazz Band and Henry is the former tuba player, so we had a large songbook in common. We had a lot of fun that night, made some good music and got a great response. So we slapped a name on our trio, started up a Facebook account, printed up some business cards and called it a band. As far as I can tell from my research, we are the world’s first and only tuba-trumpet-piano trio in existence. If you know of another, tell me.

We are The Roaring Lions.

We have just released our first recordings.

You can buy our record on Bandcamp, or from us in person when you see us perform for $5. Also, you can Bookface love us. Our CD release will take place this Sunday October 14, at 5 Walnut Wine Bar at 7pm.

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