Humanities 324 Lecture Podcast

As promised, the recordings of the the Humanities 324 lecture’s have been podcasted and were just accepted into the iTunes store. Here are all the links.

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  • View and stream on the web
  • Subscribe in iTunes
  • New episodes should post Friday afternoons.
  • I’m using an iPod Touch 2nd gen. with headphones and included mic. The recording quality will get better as I experiment with where to sit and where to set the mic (I’m trying to be unobtrusive).
  • Also, somebody told me that UNC-A did or perhaps still does offer a podcast of these lectures. I couldn’t find it on their website, can anyone confirm or deny?

I really think that these lectures are valuable and informative and should be available to the public. Many of the top tier colleges like MIT, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, et cetera offer podcasts of their classes to the public. After all, schools are in the business of selling degrees, not information. Let’s emancipate the information from the lecture hall. Enjoy!

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