Fourth of July, 2009

4th of July from John Carl on Vimeo. Music: The Guest Room “When Might Makes Right”

Back in early July, @bentmatches and I were standing at the Skybar a little after a beautiful sunset when our friend @AVLSkylie introduced us to three people looking for an adventure to film. Being expert adventurers, we shared a knowing glance and smile and set to work. Here is what they said about that night:

We went on a road trip for 30 days to 30 cities filming one story each day of people around America. This day we were in downtown Asheville, NC for the 4th of July celebration. We didn’t know a soul but by the end of the night we found ourselves in a parking lot with new-found friends setting off fireworks illegally. And we got there in a convertible driven by a friend who looked like he fronted a 50’s rockabilly band. All in all, an amazing night and one of the more meaningful videos we made.

This night was one of the best of my life. To be young, in love, and feel like the king of town in a hot red convertible surrounded by the talented and beautiful – I know of little better. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I’ll always want to go back to that day. I’d like to go back right now.

The folks we met were an artist collective (The Duck Duck Collective) and were filming a series of short spots all over the Eastern US for a really hip Levi-Strauss ad campaign. They had awesome equipment and great personalities and threw themselves into the fun of the evening. We went to the Admiral first and danced, then went to that abandoned parking lot off Merrimon where we lit all the fireworks. You can see me driving the convertible and vaulting through the fireworks at the end. I’m so glad there is footage of this day of my life.

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