Halloween: The After Party


You look ridiculous. Come get ridiculous.

I know everybody has a place to be on Halloween, but it always ends early too early, doesn’t it? Come anytime after midnight and we’ll keep it going til the late night. Last year’s party was so much fun I can’t help but try and and repeat the success. And you are all invited! And service workers: just because you couldn’t get Halloween off doesn’t mean you missed all the good parties – we’ll be waiting for you.

Some of the highlights:

  • It’s not a basement. It’s a dance dungeon.
  • DJ Par will be spinning again
  • Look a fool in @itswendylou‘s Photo Booth of Horrors
  • Purple Jesus will save you.
  • Drink up! (Donations accepted.)

Facebook much? RSVP why don’t you.

I made the flyer, and I made a map too.


Check here and here for pics from last year.

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