Bootleg: Espers performing "Flaming Telepath" by Blue Öyster Cult

Photograph by Lydia See
Photograph by Lydia See

And now a recording of Philadelphia’s psychedelic folk outfit Espers playing Blue Öyster Cult’s Flaming Telepaths. This bootleg was recorded at Diana Wortham on Friday August 14, 2009, during Harvest Record’s Transfigurations music festival. My friend Lydia photographed the entire festival, and she has some stunningly good shots.

By the way, an ‘esper’ is a person who is capable of telepathy, so it is fitting that they’ve chosen this song to cover.


I posted a few others – you can find them here > Transfigurations Bootlegs

Don’t know the original? Check it.


  1. I’m probably being an idiot, but how can I hear this? Espers are one of my favourite bands but I can’t figure out how to hear this live version. Thanks

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