Hanging a Shingle: Computer Fixer

Computer_Flyer_SmallI’m hanging a shingle for myself: I fix computers, and I’d like to fix yours.

I’m going back to school in August and I need to start creating a more flexible line of work for myself, something that I can mold  and make work around my 16-hour academic calendar. I’ve got 10 years experience fixing computers for people, and I’m not being a braggart when I say: I’m good. I enjoy making computers work better, and I explain what I’m doing in friendly terms.  I usually work in your home, but if I can do a better job by taking your computer back to my workbench, I’ll offer that. I’m good at discerning whether the computer is the problem – or whether you’re trying to do something you shouldn’t (Doh!). If you want my advice while  buying a computer you can bring me to the store. I may be able to save you money even after my fee, and you’ll get the right computer for your needs.

Also, I design business cards and flyers and such, like the ones you see here.

You can even call me and leave a message from right here, with this widget. Try it!


  1. Andrew does rock at this stuff, I’ve called him dozens of times over the years with weird computer questions and he can always figure it out.

    Which reminds me, do you know anything about replacing laptop power inputs? (And/or whether it is more/less expensive than me just buying myself a netbook? 😉

  2. Thanks, Laura.

    Power inputs on a laptop are notorious for being a simple problem that can break an otherwise good machine. It is possibly cheaper to get a netbook, but netbooks are far from awesome. They are usually slow and finicky, and I’ve seen production problems in some of them. Next time I’m in Chapel Hill I can take a better look at it.

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