40 Years and One Day Later

Check out this CNN.com poll I found recently. 40 Years on and this is how America perceives the greatest achievement of mankind. I really couldn’t believe this when I saw it. (CNN also ran an article on the persistence of the hoax moon landing conspiracy.)


14%? REALLY? More than one out of eight people?

If there really is a moon landing conspiracy and thousands of people are in on it as well as some of our nations most bloated bureaucracies, you really believe that Buzz Aldrin punched that guy in the face (see CNN clip below at the 2:45 mark) for nothing then by the transitive property one must also believe that NASA is could be so very clever that they actually flew a couple guys up there to plant some evidence and brought them home.

Ever wondered what would have happened if they didn’t make it home? The Smoking Gun is there.

Snopes has the skinny on this footage, but I added it for good measure.

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