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So, as some may know I got accepted to UNC-Asheville for the fall. I’d been trying to go for 6 years and kept getting sent back to the minor-leagues, but I graduated last month – and got called up to the majors. I had nearly given up on my dream of higher education, and now that I’m really there I find myself to be childishly excited about all of it, right down to the droll and boring aspects of registration and orientation which I completed last week.

I’m stoked about my schedule. Here it is:

  • American Indian: Pre-Contact to 1840
  • World Civilizations to 1500
  • Macroeconomics
  • Tai-Chi
  • Germany: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • The United States after 1865

I hope that I am challenged and accepted by my peers. At AB-Tech, I consistently felt that I had a grasp of the material that exceeded what was expected, and there were many missed opportunities to engage the other students because they had little broader educational context to plug in to. Just ask me about some of the PowerPoint fueled presentations that I saw get passing grades. Embarassing. Edward Tufte would have croaked.

I’ll see you on campus! I’ll be the one with the big smile.


  1. Rock on! You determination to get this far will fuel you to success in the end. Soon enough I imagine I’ll have to refer to you as Professor.

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