Save the POP Asheville Fest

For the past two years I’ve gone to the POP Asheville Festival, and I had an awesome time both years. I blogged about it, too.

The festival right now is in a little trouble – the money kind of trouble. Now, I don’t have any money to give but if I can support a great event by talking about it here, then I’m gonna do that. Please, Asheville, support this festival – it’s one of my favorite things about living here and gives such color to an otherwise grey January. I’ve discovered great bands, had an awesome time on LaZoom, and felt like I was stealing it because it was all so cheap. So yes, I would be willing to pay more. I’d pay $25 for two nights of awesome music and bus rides. I think it’s worth that.

Also, Congrats and Good Luck to my friend and former colleague Susanne Hackett of Pollinate Consulting on being named Director of the Festival.

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