Poster: Firecracker Jazz Band

FJB_Poster_smJon Corbin of the Firecracker Jazz Band asked me to design a new poster for the band. I love designing a poster and the Firecrackers are my favorite local band, so it was a really fun project. I was initially going to go art deco, but that’s a hard milieu to swim and make it look classy and not cheesy, so I abandoned it pretty quickly.

Typography has always been my strength in design, so instead of being frustrated, I resorted to what I knew. The only typeface used is Rockwell, which looks great pulled, pushed enlarged, suggested, shown, etc. I don’t think I’ve used Rockwell previously, but it is certainly in my palette now. Only six words are used and three images, including the piano aflame image by Jason Krekel that they use as a logo.

Problem solving + creativity = design.

I love doing it.

Here’s some of my inspiration. Smashing Magazine: Breathtaking Typographic Posters


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