POP Asheville 2009


Last year, not long after I got to Asheville, I went to this little music festival, POPAsheville, that was held downtown. I had a lot of fun last year; I even blogged about it. Serendipity abounded and I surfed the weekend wave to completion, but not exhaustion. Musical highlights at the festival included Nerd Parade (they gave out condoms in awesome containers), Mad Tea Party and Heypenny. Heypenny is kicking ass – they sound great and they have a new album that I’m desperate to get my hands on. Their last album has been a constant favorite over the past year.

I had countless memorable conversations.

  • Sally, thanks for the encouragement. Best of luck with your girlfriend from Alabama. I hope you made it home ok.
  • Mark, you’re very well read. Now, just one more day!
  • Good luck with that iBook, Siobhan. Hope Z’s advice helped.

After a short day of Saturday work at the office I had an awesome dinner at Nine Mile with colleague Sensible Kitty. Have to make this a routine.Then I returned to work only to find the place surrounded by firefighters. Turns out our landlords and owners of the building, Glazer Architecture, didn’t follow their own advice and they let their office get too cold and the pipes to the sprinkler system burst, but didn’t leak until the ice thawed hours later. Only the fire department can turn that off I’m told, but it was not before water damaged the Jerusalem Garden restaurant and the dance studio below. Thankfully, I had slept in the office and ran space heaters to keep it warm and I woke up to a balmy 68° that morning. So not only did I not have to drive home (thankfully) but I also kept the office safe.

There was so much more; maybe I’ll get to it later today.

  1. sounds like an action packed weekend Andrew. I remember last years Pop fest and I saw you on the Lazoom bus and it was so cold that nite. Thank goodness for the flask. cheers A, have a good week.

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