Andrupalu Birthday Bash

Me, my friend Par and his friend Lulu of Unifire all have our birthdays on the 11th and 12th of February. Par, promoter and CNG car expert (as well as  smackin good DJ) decided he’d throw a party for all three of us at the Emerald Lounge, and he booked the Firecracker Jazz Band to play it. Par will DJ as well for part of the time, and he always gets people groovin’ so bring your soft soles or your high tops and prepare to wear a hole in the dance floor.

Come on out and help me celebrate what an awesome year 25 has been for me, and to rock and roll my 26th birthday! This should be an awesome time, I’m really excited.


Par asked me to design the poster, whch is all over town now. This took me about an hour and I’m pround of how it turned out, but I wish I could have put another two hours of work into it to really polish it up. This is probably my most public work to date, and I’m always trying to level up my craft.

I can’t believe I’ve only been living here a little over a year! This town has been good to me. Thanks, Asheville!

  1. I am very glad to learn that Lulu is a person and not Reese’s chihuahua, because I was previously confused as hell as to why you and Par were sharing your party with a small dog. ; )

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