Every Man Needs Adventure

That constant source of awesomeness and unabashed yet non-sexist masculinity in blog form The Art of Manliness ran this excellent post recently. I need adventure. And a motorcycle.

lewis-and-clark1 Every Man Needs Adventure

Wake up. Head to work. Work. Head Home. Dinner. Sleep. Repeat.

Wake up. Head to work. Work. Head Home. Dinner. Sleep. Repeat.

Wake up. Head to work. Work. Head H……time out. Is this as good as it gets?

What happened to living life to the fullest? Where is the daring adventure that we dreamed about as a kid? Many of us have lost the passion for adventure that filled our childhood, and as real men we should struggle to regain it. For in true adventure we find much more than the cheap thrill of adrenaline, we find ourselves. Adventure is the element of a full life that is perhaps most neglected in modern society, and it is one of the most crucial. To have grand adventures and be able to tell tales of them is central to manliness. The problem is that in our age of technological revolution we have written off adventure and exploration as things of the past, no longer necessary thanks to our newfound, ever evolving capabilities. Although true exploration, in the sense of discovering new things, is now mostly the realm of astronauts and deep sea divers, adventure is available to anyone. What we need to realize is that it is not the discovery of new things that is important for the average man, but the understanding of ourselves which we often acquire through high adventure. Perhaps it is best to look to an old pro in the art of adventure for some insight into the true reasoning behind it.

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  1. Women do need adventure – that’s why they make motorcycles with the seat for a woman on the back.*

    There is however, a peculiar male drive to test oneself through ridiculous hardship, and we call that hardship… adventure. I don’t find most women to have this same drive in similar quantity.



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