Weapons Grade, Enriched Cranium

A few nights ago, I had a most intriguing dream.

I was standing over my body which was lying on a table, face down. Without using tools, I slowly and carefully removed the top of my skull and set it aside. There was no blood or sign of damage. I gingerly took my brain in both hands and removed it from it’s housing, placing it on my right palm. There I contemplated it for a time, turning it back and forth and examining it from every angle. I pulled back a membrane that was stretched over it, exposing the marbled gray tissue underneath. Small rice-like pieces were scattered over it, concentrated in the small gap between the hemispheres. I walked around the room showing it to everyone on my outstretched palm, excitedly informing them of the wonders of the organ, that it’s power was such that I could hold my own brain in my hand and continue to function with no difficulty. After a few moments of that, I cleared a few of the rice particles out of the way, smoothed the membrane back over and placed it back in my skull. It fit perfectly.

The dream ended, and I continued sleeping.

Images from: Of Two Minds

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