Standard Typewriter

After many months of searching, I finally found something I had been looking for. Or, more accurately, it found me. I was on my way back to the office from the bank (payday!) and I took a more circuitous route so as to dodge a man who tried to hustle me out of $30 on Pack Square. I passed College Street, going up the hill toward Haywood where I noticed an antique store that I hadn’t been into in years. I was really looking for 78s or Victrolas, but then I saw it: a black suitcase. It contained a portable manual typewriter, a Corona, made by Standard. (Standard eventually named themselves after their most popular model.) The case has some mold and overall grime, but is in good condition. It appears that someone has already replaced the hinges, and they did a good job, but the real gem is the typewriter, which is in very fine condition outside of needing a new ribbon. I suppose that there is not much that can go wrong with them, but I have little experience with typewriters and my reaction to anything that old is “I can’t believe it still works- MUST PURCHASE.” I’ll try and get a pic of it up soon.

It’s given me a flurry of new ideas:

  • Every morning, upon waking I should sit at the typewriter and knock out a list. I’ve already done this once, and it was an excellent mental wake up. I’ll post this list later.
  • At the recent ‘Co-dependent’s Day Party’ I left the typewriter in the living room and left “Please type something controversial” at the top, and I asked a couple of people to seed it. It worked out strangely, of course, and I’ll post the results later.
  • I plan to take the type writer on (short) hiking trips. I find that being in an unfamiliar setting helps, and the lack of internet access on a typewriter prevents distraction. I say short trips, because the damned thing weighs a lot.

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