List #1

I’ve been trying to start a new habit: Write a list at the beginning of every day.

Just that, no other requirements. Nice and simple, plenty of room for creativity. Even topics that might not make one think of putting them in a list, abstract, strange, inappropriate, untruthful, exaggerated. Just a morning mindbender. Here’s the first.

Favorite outdoor activities:

  • Using an axe
  • Chasing pedestrians
  • Chasing pedestrians with axe
  • Encasing ants and other insects in amber colored jello
  • Hanging pasta from trees in reverence to the F.S.M.
  • Harvesting dignity from natural essences
  • On warm days after a dry spell, finding those little dried clumps of dirt that explode when you throw them
  • Burning effigies of corrupt 19th century politicians
  • Creating a zen woodchip garden
  • Spraying post carrier with deer musk
  • Creating orifices for Mother Nature

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