Inhibitions v. Abilities

After much consideration into matter psychological, spiritual and physiological, I have reached a conclusion that has given me a perspective that I find to be a breathtaking correction. I read Oliver Sacks Musicophila last year (my serious first brush with neuroscience) and those seeds slowly germinated until a couple weeks ago, when I had an intense soul searching adventure. As succinctly as I can, I will state it below:

The mind is not a system constructed of abilities and learned behaviors that can be augmented, but rather a collection of inhibitions and barriers that can be systematically removed.

This may not be revolutionary to some people, but in some strange way this revelation has given me a great amount of relief and hope. Can anyone perhaps compare this to an existing philosophy? I’m not aware of any, and this idea seems new to me, but I’m sure someone else has gotten here centuries ago. Not that I would have liked to have been told about prior to now, for I feel that arriving at it on my own makes for a superior mortar in my mind.

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