And six months went by

I never did mention that I’m going back to school. Well I am, and it is not the afterthought that it appears to be here. I really am trying to upgrade my life, and I have made a few sacrifices in the meantime – not all of them insignificant. When I’m in class, taking notes, everything I do makes me feel like I’m doing what I should be doing. It’s a feeling I haven’t had in years, and I relish it like a drug. Though I still feel a little out of place at times. Walking up the steps the other day I rounded a corner, nearly bumping into a girl. “Excuse me, sir,” she said. I can’t be more than two years older than her – if that – and she addressed me like I was one of the faculty. Since then I’ve taken a few more steps to look like I belong, if only to blend in a little more. That led to this exchange, more in the right direction:

“You look like… what’s the word for out of time and place?”I instantly replied.


“Yeah, that’s it. Anachronism.”

Of anything that I’ve been called, that is what I like the best. It’s neutral, neither complimentary nor derogatory, and paints me as neither above nor below my surroundings, but both ahead and behind.

Then a little while later, it led to this:

Frostily trotting
on the cold steps
mouth tight
speculative in nature
coarsely ground
to a finely finite
Twenty-dollar words
bottled up like old wine
maybe vinegar by now.

I used to feel that my interests are far to broad to be put to good use in a blog. But I’m reconsidering.

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