Don't Call Muhammad!

Your Telco Owes You $1000

Ahh, the NSA surveillance program. Now that the program has been exposed to the light of day, what benefit can it have? Now Muhammad Al-Bombmaker will use the internet. Of course, they’ve probably cracked PGP as well, meaning that much of the internet encrypted e-mail traffic is vulnerable. Large companies hardly ever have an attack of conscience, so the old carrot and stick approach, as outlined in the above post, works best. Now let’s enforce it and get me my $3000 for all three phone numbers I have!

In addition, after identifying all the terrorist telemarketers plaguing this nation, what are they going to do with that list? What happens when the ‘war’ is over? Will they throw it away? No, the system will grow, it will get more stealthy and more invasive. That’s how a bureacracy works. They only get bigger. People who discredit the slippery slope conept fool themselves into thinking that the rest of the world is devoid of ambition. Not true. In this case, we can thank the media (USA Today even! Where were you, O Bob Woodward?) for shining the cleansing light of day of public knowledge on this, and supplying a valuable counterweight to the momentum of government.

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