1. Help! I can’t open it! Even at work. I’m interested in catapaults! I wanna know! What does the last line say!


  2. They pulled the story from their site… But I was able to find it in my cached webpages. Here it is!


    by CAM SCOTT

    RESTLESS nights and a lack of sleep have plagued Narre Warren resident Margaret Sandford after a heavy metal object smashed through her roof and landed in her bed on Sunday.
    Luckily, Ms Sandford wasn’t in her bed at the time but she believes that had she been, the force of the metal projectile would have killed her.
    After returning home from Adelaide on Sunday night, 10 April, Ms Sandford went to her bedroom to find a metal object had smashed through roof tiles, burst through her ceiling and lodged in her bed.
    Not only was a pending storm causing her some worry but the mystery of what had actually happened was playing on her mind.
    After taking the metal missile to the Narre Warren Police Station and being told it looked like the remnants of some type of home-made metal pipe bomb, Ms Sandford’s curiosity turned to fear and frustration.
    “I first thought that if it hit my rooftop air-conditioning unit it would’ve cost me hundreds, then I thought with that force, if it had have hit somebody, it would have killed someone,” she said.
    “If that had have hit me, I’d have been dead.”
    Ms Sandford said the incident played on her mind and upset her so much that she couldn’t get to sleep that night and is still troubled by the incident she is constantly reminded of by the hole in her roof.
    She urged kids, especially those with idle time during the school holiday period, to think about the consequences of their actions and the inherent danger of using home-made explosive devices.
    “Just think about what you’re doing.
    “Anything like that is dangerous, even any sort of catapult device,” she said.

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